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Jennifer Harrold

Guitar and Vocals

Jennifer Harrold moved from North Canton, Ohio to Austin, Texas in December 2016.  Influenced by Humbert Sumlin, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Janis Joplin she brings the blues into a new light for the the 21st century.  She's on a constant strive for raw and powerful tone; writing originals and re-writing obscure classics.  

Fun facts:  

  • JAH is her initials as well as an endearing nickname she sometimes goes by.


  • Jennifer attended Akron U and Kent State University for Fine Arts.

  • She only has 5 pairs of shoes - mostly Ariat cowboy boots.

  • She owns 16 guitars.

  • Jennifer has been playing guitar for 29 years.  We'll update this again in June when it becomes another year.

Craig Kierce

Bass and Vocals

Craig Kierce relocated from Brooklyn to Austin Texas in 2020. His energy, stage presence and incredible talent make him the perfect fit as a bassist, vocalist and song-writer.  A band-leader in his own right, Craig cites influences in a variey of genres from Indie Rock and New Wave to Blues.  

Fun facts: 

  • Craig's symbol is the Lightning Bolt.  No one knows why.  If you find out, let us know.

  • Craig moved from Brooklyn, but is originally from Point Pleasant, New Jersey.  He graduated with a BFA in film-making in 2010.

  • Craig owns the most amount of shoes in the band

  • Craig has frequently toured the US and Europe as a solo and with his own band. 

You can find his personally released music on Spotify as well as the link provided below.  

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